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Transitions Tab

Manage all transitions from and to the currently selected project state in this tab.

Transitions Tab

Check when a transition has been triggered the last time by looking at the "Triggered" column, or compare the transition conditions in the "Condition" column.

Add new Transition

Add one (to) or multiple (from) transitions to the currently selected state by clicking on the "Add" button on the bottom left of the transitions tab, which will open the transition wizard to guide you through the process.


Newly created transitions will have a default condition of "false".

Edit Transition

Click on "Edit" to open the expression editor for the currently selected transition.

Transition Expression Editor

Use the predefined fields, operators or functions to create your transition condition. You can see whether the condition evaluates as true or false by looking at the graph on the bottom left of the expression editor.


The expression needs to return a Boolean value - either true or false.

If you are happy with the condition, click on "Save" to save the new condition to your selected transition.

Remove Transition

Remove the selected transition by clicking on "Remove" on the bottom left in the transitions tab.